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starbuzz apple americano review

Starbuzz Apple Americano is a short cut, washed tobacco that is has a candy type of flavor to it. It is not as juicy as some of the other Starbuzz products with a honey and glycerin base. It has a medium golden brown and red color. Some tins have more of a neon feel to them, but not so bright that it seems to be chemical manufactured.

review of code 69 starbuzz flavor

   Starbuzz Code 69 is one of the most intriguing flavors in the Starbuzz selection. That is partially due to the name, but it is also because of the unique flavor of the product and the extremely pleasant smoking experience that users will always have will this product. First-time smokers of Starbuzz Code 69 are often puzzled by the complex yet balanced taste in their pallet as they taste their first drags.

Nakhla duble apple shisha flavor

Nakhla Double apple, the oldest the finest, if you didn’t tried this flavor yet, definitely check out our review and find out why you should consider this flavor in 2019. 

adult smoking good hookah flavor on the beach

Best Hookah Flavors That I've Ever Tried

Best shisha flavors that’ve tried in my whole hookah smoking career. Check this out guys and let me know what do you think.

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