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Hi, my name is Alex, my friend Zek and I started this blog to help you find the best flavors. When we started with smoking hookah we always had a problem with choosing a good brand, at that time we had no idea that only by choosing a good brand you can change smoking experience way better. We started with the idea a shisha is just a flavored tobacco but as time went by, we went deeper into the world of hookah and found out about many good brands and even better tastes. Since then, almost 10 years have passed, and yet the obsession for smoking the nargile is still ongoing. We started this site to tell you about our experience with good flavors we’ve tried as well as those we would love to give a try. 

On our web page, you’ll find only flavors worth trying, various tips, smoking tricks and reviews from everything related to hookah. Our goal is to help newbies not to wander in a really great choice of different tastes and brands. Here we will write only about the best tastes, which you should try and want to spend money on. On this website, you will find only the best tastes from the world of hookah tobacco. Welcome to our web site

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