Beamer Vanilla Flavor Review

Beamer Vanilla Flavor Review

Beamer is Relatively new to the world of hookah, originated in the US and for a relatively short time, they managed to break into quite a lot of big competition on the market. It comes in an airtight bag inside which is especially good for keeping the freshness, awesome aroma lasted a long time, safe for use because it is completely natural.

The advantage over other herbal shishas are large clouds and a very pleasant scent that will cover your room, delusions all in your house, and your friends will ask for more.

We must say that it burns a bit faster, for this reason, fill up your bowl to the end. We do not see the reason why this thing couldn’t be found on the list of the best hookah tobacco brands. For your money, you get much more than you expect and we strongly recommend this pure nature.

Beamer Vanilla Shisha Review

beamer vanilla shisha flavor

I’ve chosen Beamer’s vanilla flavor as the best vanilla flavor ever, because of the most authentic fragrance that can be found on the Internet. The smell is very good, the clouds are huge, the taste is perfect and all of you who love vanilla stuff will definitely love this product. Let’s dive in in actual details.

How it smells/Taste?

Blindfold your friend and unpack the Beamer. What response might you get? That’s right, it’s a Vanilla cake. I am actually loving Beamer more than any shisha. The delicious Vanilla notes are so consistent that the flavors won’t fade until the last drop of molasse melts up in your bowl.

What about Clouds?

As soon as I smoked my first draw, for the first 5 seconds I was like where are I. Beamer’s monstrous clouds will make you forget if you really want shisha tobacco anymore.

How long session lasts?

What I am going to tell you is really shocking. Almost 2 hours. Beamer is that durable. I am impressed by the fact that you can pack it densely. But you must avoid putting in more coals. Just single charcoal worked for me.

What about mixing with other flavors?

I never imagined it could taste like a marshmallow when I mixed it with Beamer’s chocolate. So feel free to experiment with your flavor and share with me your wonders.

Does it offer buzz?

Why should you care for the buzz when you have a Beamer by your side? Many times, I just want to go for a buzz-free hookah session and Beamer Vanilla is my favorite pick.

Overall Experience?

I highly recommend you try this flavor and your neighbors might sense a new confectionery shop nearby. Believe me, it’s that crazy. One more thing, you’ll have an easy time cleaning your bowl.

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