30 Best Hookah Flavors I’ve Ever Tried

30 Best Hookah Flavors I’ve Ever Tried

I’ve decided to write this article after a while to get you to know everything about best hookah flavors that I’ve tried in my whole hookah smoking career. So here they are, complete list & review of each shisha flavor. Here’s on besthookahflavors.net, Zek and I are more than ready to try new things if you believe that we’ve missed some good shisha flavor please let us know in the comment section and if we haven’t already, we’ll try it, and review it here on this blog. Let’s get started.

Best shisha Flavors Review

Al-Fakher Watermelon

box of Al Fakher watermelon flavor

The Watermelon with Mint flavor from Al Fakher is an exceptionally smooth and is a refreshing flavor. It is fruity with a light mint taste. The mint is not too much, does not make your throat yearn for warmth. The soothing of the flavor just makes you want more. The smell is great, it’s as if you were eating the sweetest watermelon ever. The taste, however, could be a little bit more authentic, as not every watermelon is as sweet as this hookah flavor.

Khalil Mamoon Mango

package of Khalil Mamoon mango flavor

If you happen to favor fruity flavors, then look no further than Khalil Mamoon Mango flavor. It has such a rich and sweet mango taste. It’s definitely up there when it comes to sweetness. It’s almost entirely pure mango without much background flavor at all. It’s also incredibly smooth going down, making it ideal for first-timers and light smokers.

Starbuzz Blue Mist

Starbuzz Blue Mist shisha package

Starbuzz’s Blue Mist is a go-to flavor is you’re a first-timer, however, don’t come looking for me if you cannot stop choosing this flavor over and over again. The flavor consists of the sweetest blueberries you’ll ever taste and a mist of mint combined together giving you a taste of what refreshing really is. Once you go Blue Mist, you can never go back. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Additionally, smoking it is very smooth and
tasty, it is recommended for all types of smokers.

Al-Fakher Double Apple

Al Fakher Double Apple flavor jar
The Al Fakher’s Double Apple is really a hit for two. Once you try this, you will realize how beautiful it is blended together to give you the impact of not one but two apples, yes, you’ll be able to tell it’s more than one. However, sometimes the flavor does come off as licorice with a hint of apples. The smell is a mixture of licorice and as if you were in an apple juice box. Also, it is highly recommended that you try this flavor
with a little bit of mint, this is to avoid too much of the licorice taste.

Starbuzz Lebanese Bombshell

Starbuzz Lebanese Bombshell shisha flavor jar

The Lebanese Bombshell by Starbuzz is exactly why Starbuzz till today remains a big player in the market. This cedar and citrus-infused combination is one of the most unique pairings in the market. It starts out with this earthy flavor with a hint of sweetness and then leaves your palate with a slight citrusy punch in the end. It smells exactly what it tastes like, a woody pine-like smell that makes you feel like you’re in a cabin in the

Beamer Vanilla Flavor

Beamer Vanilla shisha flavor box

The Beamer Vanilla Flavor is arguably one of the most popular vanilla flavors on the market. This is partly down to the authentic vanilla flavor that sets it apart from its competition. By itself, vanilla lovers will love how it tastes. It’s smooth and leaves a vanilla aftertaste that lingers for a bit. This flavor is also great for mixing, I’d recommend mixing this vanilla with Blue Mist as they complement each other very well.

Fumari White Gummi Bear flavor

Fumari White Gummi Bear pouch

The White Gummi Bear flavor by Fumari is a powerful blend of pineapple and citrus. It packs a punch in the citrus department without being too overbearing at the same time. Its mixture of sweet and citrusy makes it ideal for long hookah sessions without ever getting tired of the flavor itself. Smoothness is another aspect in which it particularly well, making it great for beginners.

Starbuzz Sex on the Beach

Starbuzz shisha sex on the beach

Just like the famous cocktail, Starbuzz has tried to recreate Sex on the Beach as a hookah flavor. Even though the ingredients are supposed to give you a punch of citrus fruit, mainly orange and lemon, this flavor actually tastes a lot like coconut, pineapple and a little bit of cranberry instead. Nevertheless, the flavor overall is still a good combination however, it does get harsh really quick after you start. This is quite
refreshing and heavily recommended for harsh smokers.

Starbuzz Flower Power

Starbuzz shisha tobacco Flower Power

If you are all about the longevity and the smoke density of hookah, then you’d love Starbuzz’s Flower Power. This is a strong flavor that takes all the citrus-floral taste in it and transforms it into a smooth flavor. Even though this is a floral based flavor, don’t expect it to be like the regular Rose or Jasmine flavor you can get of the market. For those who do not like a high level of sweetness in their hookah flavors, this is the one to go for.

Starbuzz Pirate Cave

Starbuzz Pirate Cave flavor

One thing you will notice before when you smoke any hookah flavors with lemon is that the lemon is almost too tart-ish. However, in this case, Starbuzz Pirate‚Äôs Cave gives you a mellow lime with a lemony freshness that is desirous to taste. This is often a popular choice because of the lemon aroma that is produced when it’s being smoked. However, it will keep you buzz headed for a while so don’t smoke this before any energy-filled activity.

Social Smoke Cantaloupe Chill

Social Smoke Cantaloupe Chill shisha tobacco box

Social Smoke’s Cantaloupe Chill is a perfect example of a blend that stands out on its own without the need to add additional flavors. It has a refreshingly sweet taste with a cool kick of mint right at the end that keeps you wanting more. It smells just as good as it tastes. Right from the start, you get this sweet tangerine based scent that you would get when peeling mandarin oranges. It’s rather smooth when taking it in and produces
thick clouds.

Starbuzz Turkish Apple

box of Starbuzz Turkish Apple shisha tobacco

Turkish Apple is a sweetly spiced apple flavor from Starbuzz inspired by the eastern side. This tasty blend is full-on with spices and sweet apple while surprisingly remaining light on the anise, making it a sweeter blend than most apple flavors. I believe this flavor will woo a modern-day smoker. The aroma of it matches the taste pretty closely and it definitely creates monster clouds.

Al Fakher’s Mint

box of Al Fakher Mint shisha tobacco flavor
If you are an old-timer who likes mint all the way then you already know how good Al Fakher’s Mint is. One of the most authentic mint flavor you’ll ever taste and the best part of it is that the tobacco in it is really strong but not until the mint burns out. The smell of this flavor is impressively refreshing, it’s almost like the feeling after a mint mouthwash. The cooling sensation from the mint is what makes this flavor so unique.

Fantasia Orange Sherbet

Fantasia Orange Sherbet shisha tobacco

Fantasia Orange Sherbet is too good to be true because it has exactly what you expect of a Sherbet. It has an extremely thick flavor of orange that matches the smell. This flavor is really smooth on the cream, good on the flavor and dense on the orange! So if you want to go for an absolutely orange and creamy mixture, this is it.

Fumari Blueberry Muffin

pouch of Fumari Blueberry Muffin shisha tobacco

If you are a regular hookah smoker and have never tried Fumari’s Blueberry Muffin, then you need to get a taste of that. It will have you question why it took you this long to try this flavor out. By far, this flavor is one of the only flavors that does justice to its name. Not only you’ll be tasting blueberry but you’d know there is muffin in it. The smoke is very thick, almost cloud-like and the flavor is long-lasting. Go on and add
it to your ‘must-try’ list.

Romman Chocolate Strawberry

box of Romman Chocolate Strawberry shisha

Romman’s Chocolate Strawberry is one of the premium offerings on the market. Based in Jordan, the brand is known for its natural hookah flavors. Right after unpacking, you get this sweet smell of chocolate together with a slight hint of strawberry. Smoking this is akin to having a chocolate melt in your mouth and slight hints of strawberry towards the end of the session. There might be a few instances where a little tiny
bit of bitterness is observed, but for the most part, it packs a punch in the rich and sweet departments.

Tangiers Blue Flower

Tangiers Blue Flower shisha tobacco flavor

Just like many floral flavors, Tangiers Blue Flower will not hit you in your face when you smoke it because sometimes floral flavors tend to come off as a little overpowering. The flavor is very strong at the same time very smooth. The minute you smoke it, you can get the Lavender out of it. It is also very earthy and you can taste all the spice that might come along with the lavender, in fact, it might even get you feeling like a hippie. The clouds produced from this flavor are thick and full, perfect for a cloud chaser.

Lavoo Dark Mint

box of Lavoo Dark Mint shisha flavor

Lavoo’s Dark Mint stands out from an appearance standpoint. It is finely chopped, making it look like grounded coffee beans. It has a peppermint like an aroma that reminds me of a peppermint patty. Take a puff and you instantly get this hit of peppermint. Like the smell itself, it isn’t the cleanest as there is a slight bitterness to it. However, it smokes very smooth with a relatively enjoyable cooling effect. It doesn’t last
very long, 30 minutes in there simply isn’t any cooling sensation left and is replaced with just a bitter peppermint all the way.

Starbuzz Egyptian Pharohs

Starbuzz Egyptian Pharohs shisha flavor

Another flower-based flavor from Starbuzz that is worth every penny is Egyptian Pharos. This flavor is a blend of vanilla, cardamom and a little cinnamon that pops up in the end of every puff. It leaves traces of sweet cinnamon and vanilla in your mouth and turns your breath smelling like sweet flowery scent. This is a good flavor to try among a group of friends and also great for beginners as the sparkly aftertaste won’t
leave you coughing. However, it is relatively intense and will leave you light-headed so it is also best suited for smokers who love the buzz.

Fumari Spiced Chai

Fumari Spiced Chai shisha flavor pouch

Fumari’s Spiced Chai is for tea enthusiasts. ‘Chai’ is a traditional term for tea in India. Immediately after unpacking, you get this note of butterscotch and tea leaves. The blend consists of a great blend of cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon with slight subtle hints of vanilla. All of the above ingredients come together to form a creamy flavor that sets emphasis on each of the individual ingredients. The spices sure stand out in this
flavor, as the sweetness one would normally associate with tea is subdued.

Starbuzz Asian Persuasion

Starbuzz bold shisha Asian persuasion

If you are into flower-based flavors then you might just fall in love with Starbuzz’s Asian Persuasion. It is a blend of a number of spices and teas. This combination contains grapes, a tea flavor that may come off as very earthy and a full of spice ginger the flavor from the Far East region. You can taste the strong sweetness of this flavor even though it’s made out of spices and minty ingredients. However, the mint might come off a little harsh for new smokers and amateurs as well.

Fakhfakhina by Nakhla

Fakhfakhina shisha tobacco by Nakhla

Fakhfakhina by Nakhla is an absolute treat for the ones who are into fruity flavors. It has the aroma of orchids together with a host of fruits that makes every puff as refreshing as it can be. It’s a fruit punch party with every puff. Not only is it refreshing but smooth as well, perfect for beginners to enjoy. The smoke produced from this is decent as well.

Cosmopolitan by Starbuzz

Starbuzz Cosmopolitan shisha flavor tin

If you happen to be a beginner with little to no hookah experience, then your first flavor should be Cosmopolitan by Starbuzz. It’s taste and smell come together to give you the experience of sipping on a downtown Manhattan fruit cocktail in a crowded bar. It tastes like cranberry, lime and a complex citrus mix with a mild aftertaste that is akin to wine. The smoke produced is smooth and does not seem like it would induce coughing, especially when it comes to beginners.

Nakhla’s Tobacco Double Apple

Nakhla double apple shisha flavor
Nakhla’s Tobacco Double Apple as been on the market for ages and is also one of the most affordable ones. However, you should not equate being affordable to being bad. This flavor smells like something between apple and anise, but more on the anise side when it comes to smell. As for taste, surprisingly it has this hint of spiciness on your first puff then it starts to materialize into notes of anise and sweet apple. Smoke it for too long and the earlier mentioned spiciness comes back without any taste from the other ingredients. Clouds are full and it’s one of the smoother ones when it comes to inhaling.

Hurricane by Ugly Hookah

Hurricane shisha flavor by Ugly Hookah

Hurricane by Ugly Hookah is a lemonade based hookah with notes of sweet mango. It’s an unorthodox combination but it is surprisingly good. It all comes together with a 50/50 ratio of lemonade to mango and thus maintaining a perfect balance between being too acidic or being overly sweet. With each puff, it certainly does seem like you’re getting the best of both worlds in this flavor. It tastes refreshing with slight notes of the sweet mango and ends with a citrusy punch of the lemonade.

Al Fakher’s Berry and Grapes

Al Fakher Berry and Grapes

You know that feeling in the morning of a chilly day and then the cold breeze sends chills down your spine? That’s what you can expect with Al Fakher’s Berry and Grapes. This flavor is a basic, easy-going and cloudy flavor. At first, you will get a punch of grapes in the beginning but later on, you will be able to detect the underlying flavors of the sourness and sweetness in a berry. Of course, with Al Fakher, you can always count on monstrous clouds and this flavor does it so effortlessly.

Tangiers Midnight Orchard Apple

Tangiers Midnight Orchid Apple shisha tobacco flavor

As often as you might see double apple flavor in a hookah place, is as often you’d hear about how to double apple eventually tastes like licorice. Tangiers Midnight Orchard Apple is the flavor to choose if you want to avoid the licorice taste. It is a subtle blend between anise and double apple. It is not too sweet or not too spicy as well. This flavor is smack in between both the sensation. It smells as divine as the flavor itself would give you a nostalgic kick like a traditional apple pie you’d had when you were a kid.

Al-Fakher Grape With Cream flavor

box of Al Fakher shisha grape with cream shisha flavor

In the likely event that you happen to fancy fruit flavors, then you might want to give Al- Fakher’s Grape With Cream flavor a try. It takes the fruitiness of the grapes and adds a layer of creaminess on top to heighten its flavor profile. With your first puff, you get this rich grape taste and smell right off the bat which then transforms into this slight hint of creaminess towards the end. The flavor is well balanced, as the creaminess does not overpower the initial taste from the grapes.

Fumari Mochaccino

Fumari Mochaccino shisha flavor tin

The aroma that presents itself when you open Fumari’s Mochaccino is akin to opening a fresh can of ground coffee that has layers of chocolate on top. Smoking it is almost exactly as it smells, it is heavy on coffee flavor with hints of chocolate notes at the end. The notes of chocolate are only semi-sweet without empowering the taste of the coffee that is the main selling point of this flavor. If you happen to be a fan of coffee with hints of dark chocolate then look no further than Fumari’s Mochaccino.

Starbuzz Pina Colada

Starbuzz Pina Colada shisha flavor tin

Starbuzz’s Pina Cola should be your go-to should you be into sweet, fruit-based hookah flavors. It’s a blend of coconut and pineapple, just like the famous sweet cocktail that many have come to enjoy. Taste-wise, it has a rich creamy coconut taste with slight notes of pineapple just like the Pina Colada cocktail. Clouds produced were big and most importantly it was smooth and easy to smoke, perfect for those who have never smoked before.

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