Nakhla Double Apple Review

Nakhla Double Apple Review

If I would have to choose one shisha flavor, of all existing flavors in the world that would be Nakhla double apple. I love old school flavors and Double apple from Nakhla is exactly that.

Every smoker knows that this is the oldest hookah flavor, the only flavor in the nineties blah, blah, blah. Instead of talking about the history of this flavor, let’s make some fresh Nakhla Double Apple tobacco review for 2019.

Nakhla shisha Review (Double Apple)

What is the first thing you do when you buy a package, pouch, or jar? You smell the shisha in right?
Well, let’s talk about smell first.

So how is the smell of Nakhla double apple?

Nakhla two apples smell very unique, that is a mix of anise and apple scent, but more dominant is anise. It has a really authentic smell, many brands tried to copy Nakhla’s blend including, Starbuzz, Al-Fakher, Al-Waha, etc, etc, those are just a few of many brands who tried to copy this awesome flavor but I would say without much success. Nakhla is still Nakhla. Are those guys changed something with this flavor over the years, except packaging?

Let’s find out in the next section.

Which type of shisha are Nakhla two apples

Double apple is an unwashed type of shisha it is stronger than normal brown leaf shisha. So guys if any of you who reading this just starting out, skip this flavor and try something less stronger, for example, Starbuzz code 69. It has a lot of steams in the package and you would need to remove those steams or you can pack it in the bowl however you like.

Packing of Double Apple

Personally, I don’t like to pack this tobacco dense, it is too much of shisha for me. I would rather enjoy in semi-dense packaging. Wondering how to pack double apple? Well, guys, it’s easy, just use the fork and fill the bowl with the shisha, but start from the edges.

Taste of Nakhla Two Apples

So, is there any change in the taste of this flavor? No, definitely they didn’t change the flavor at all. This is still the same authentic flavor as it was in the past. It tastes like anise and just like apples, always great for enjoying with friends.


One word: AWESOME, This brand can offer really big clouds of smoke.
Same applies for every Nakhla flavor


The only thing that is changed on this flavor is juiciness, the newer version is definitely for juicier than the older one. What does that mean? You will enjoy this flavor longer.


I always use three coals on the top, of course, natural coconut coals. My recommendation for coals in 2019 is definitely Narine.

What about the price?

Price is ridiculously cheap, for about $10 you can get 250g of shisha, someone would be fooled by the price but trust me guys there is no better shisha on the market of this price.


still, didn’t try this flavor? What are you waiting for, it is old school but this flavor will be a good one 100 years from now. Believe me on that. Without a doubt go for flavor for every hookah smoker, would definitely recommend to everyone except total newbie.

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