Starbuzz Apple Americano Review 2019

Starbuzz Apple Americano Review 2019

starbuzz apple americano review

Starbuzz Apple Americano is a short cut, washed tobacco that is has a candy type of flavor to it. It is not as juicy as some of the other Starbuzz products with a honey and glycerin base. It has a medium golden brown and red color. Some tins have more of a neon feel to them, but not so bright that it seems to be chemical manufactured.

It is cut well and most tins have a small amount of stems mixed in with the tobacco, but not enough to make a difference when packed into a small phunnel bowl. It breaks up well and packs easily into whatever bowl you decide to use.

The scent is mostly apple with a trace amounts of anise. Unlike other apple tobacco, it doesn’t seem dominated heavily by that licorice scent that tends to be common with this specific type of flavor. The beauty of the Starbuzz Apple Americano is that the scent isn’t overpowering and doesn’t come across as manufactured.

The best way to describe the smell is a glass of apple juice. Might be a little concentrate, or something a little fresher, but the apple juice scent is hard to ignore. The scent really takes flight once the tobacco is lit. Something about the mixture of the coals with the tobacco sets the scent of the Apple Americano off.


 All too often with the sweeter flavors, the attempt to make it seem more like candy than tobacco is overpowering. With the Starbuzz Apple Americano, what you get is one of the most natural tasting flavors on the market. It actually tastes realistic, and not in the trying to convince yourself you’re not smoking way either.

This product genuinely tastes like apples. Well, more like a mix between apple juice and apple sauce, but the taste of apple is easily distinguishable. Because of the anise it has a small licorice aftertaste to it immediately after you smoke.

Even with the licorice aftertaste, the predominant flavor is all apple. The smoke has a sweetness to it that is the marriage of the apple and the anise. It makes it a very easy tobacco to smoke and has a lingering taste after each pull from the hookah of your choosing.



With the combination of the phunnel bowl and some cube style coals, you get some very thick smoke clouds. The best part about the Starbuzz Apple Americano is that you can get a nice thick cloud of smoke and it doesn’t become harsh like with other brands.

The smoke is very smooth and thick. It can take a decent amount of heat and not get overly dry or burned. This tobacco will go as thick as you want it to go and keep coming back for more. It is difficult to over smoke this flavor. It wants to turn into thick clouds. It is almost as if it was engineered just to make thick, white clouds of smoke.


The coals used for this review were cube coconut coals. Many people who enjoy hookahs are switching to cube coals because you can smoke for much longer and they aid in creating the larger clouds of smoke. Two cubes were used for this review of the Starbuzz Apple Americano and that was the perfect amount.



The Starbuzz works best with a phunnel bowl and stays viable for well over an hour, up to two.


The Starbuzz Apple Americano is a good product with a great taste. It never gets too harsh, no matter how much smoke you pull out of it. Even though it can be a little more expensive, it is worth the added cost for anyone who enjoys apple flavor.

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