Starbuzz Code 69 Review 2019 –

Staruzz Code 69 review

Starbuzz Code 69 is one of the most intriguing flavors in the Starbuzz selection. That is partially due to the name, but it is also because of the unique flavor of the product and the extremely pleasant smoking experience that users will always have will this product. First-time smokers of Starbuzz Code 69 are often puzzled by the complex yet balanced taste in their pallet as they taste their first drags.

To explain the flavor, Starbuzz obviously wanted to create an elite mix of passion-fruit flavors for the optimal smoking experience, and this has led to the creation of this unique flavor. Users often note that it tastes like Kool-Aid or a sweet cherry flavored candy like cherry gummy bears. Experiences obviously vary, and it’s part of the mystique of the Starbuzz Code 69: everybody smokes, describes, and learns to love it in their own unique way.

Bowl used:

Tangier’s phunnel bowl

Foil or windguard?

I used plain foil because I prefer it more then any windguard.


 Narine coals are my pick for this review, they are pretty new on the market and very similar to the Coco Nara’s when it comes to the quality so I gave them a try.

Cut of tobacco

 Usually in the Starbuzz tobacco there is no stems, the same goes for code 69 i did not find any stems in the pack.


Code 69 has a really fruit-candy smell, the smell is not too strong, and it is very pleasant, actually the smells of sour cherry and orange, I would say it reminds me of iced tea, definitely mix of passion fruit.


When it comes to the taste I’m not that satisfied with it, it’s not a that strong flavor, nor it’s weak, it’s definitely like strawberry and some citrus mix like lemon and orange. the flavor is also sweet like as a smell, some kind of lemon-candy flavor not that bad, but I wish it has a stronger flavor. Flavor gets weaker by the time but I didn’t get a harsh flavor of burned tobacco.


Smokes great, Typically for Starbuzz, you can get a really nice cloud from this flavor.


One and half hour for me depends on how you pack it and from which bowl you smoke this can vary.


I would give 7 out of 10 for this flavor. Wish it has a stronger taste, but I’m pretty sure it would be the good option for fruit-based flavor lovers. A lot of good reviews of this flavor says enough but this is just my opinion on it. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy in this flavor but I wish it has a stronger taste. Maybe adding a little more charry would give that strongness to the flavor.

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