Tangier’s Cane Mint Review

Tangiers cane mint is definitely one of the most popular shisha tobaccos of all time. Many experienced shisha smokers can’t imagine a good smoking session without this flavor and Tangier’s brand. Today you will find out more about this flavor, how it really tastes, what about clouds, buzz? We answered everything you would want to know about Cane Mint.

A little bit about Tangiers brand

Tangiers is a US company specialized in producing shisha tobacco and handmade shisha bowls. Most of their shisha lines are made from dark leaf tobacco, which is the finest tobacco and at the same time the one which will give you the buzz, which means that it has a higher percentage of nicotine than for example shishas made of blonde leaf tobacco.

Tangiers make shisha in few different lines:

  • Tangiers Birquq,
  • Tangiers Noir,
  • Tangiers Burley,
  • Tangiers F-line.

Beside shisha, the company is famous because of their clay bowls but that’s a topic for itself, now let’s say a few more words about Tangier’s cane mint.

Tangier’s cane mint shisha tobacco review


The flavor is super minty and one of the strongest mint I ever tasted. it literally gives the feeling that you have put peppermint candies in your mouth. Without kidding, the flavor is really strong it gives a feeling of freshness in the mouth in just a few puffs, and that feeling lasts as long as your session lasts. For someone who loves minty flavors, Cane Mint is a way to go.


As with most of Tangiers flavors, the clouds aren’t something you should worry about, because besides the flavor Cane Mint provides great clouds. The clouds of smoke are quite satisfying, but not too thick, perfectly suited for my taste. However, if you prefer thicker clouds you should definitely pick some juicier shisha.


Tangier’s Cane mint provides instant buzz. After only a few puffs you will get that buzzy feeling. Usually, Tangiers isn’t recommended for beginners, it’s made of dark leaf shisha that contains a higher percentage of nicotine than regular lines and that’s responsible for strong buzz, so if you used to smoke some blonde leaf shisha’s, I would recommend you to try mixing it with some other flavor with lower nicotine percentage. For someone who loves the buzz, I would always recommend Tangiers


Cane Mint is perfect to mix with almost any flavor you can think of. Some citrus flavors are always great choice Lemon/Mint is perfect but I personally love to mix it with Al Fakher Watermelon in the ratio 30/70 30% of Cane Mint and 70% of watermelon flavor. Some of the great mixes are:

  • 30% Tangier’s Cane Mint / 70% Tanya Blueberry
  • 20% Tangier’s Cane Mint /  80% Al Fakher Chocolate
  • 30% or lover of Cane Mint / 70% of Al Fakher Watermelon
  • 20% Cane Mint/ 80% Social Smoke Mango

These are just a few ideas, the list can go on and on. I’m sure you can mix mint with any shisha and if you came up with a good mix let me know in the comment section.


My rating is 10 out of 10 for Tangier’s variation of mint. With such a clear minty flavor, it definitely deserves such a high rating. Clouds are also pretty good, it’s not the type of shisha that produces the cloudiest smoke but that shouldn’t pull you away from trying Cane Mint.

As one of the strongest shishas on the market Cane Mint contains around 0.5 percentage of nicotine, so if you are not a fan of buzz or you are just starting out I would stay away from this flavor.

With Cane Mint, the sky is the limit when it comes to mixes. You can mix it with any flavor, I’m pretty much sure that you can’t make a mistake when it comes to mixing with mint.

I definitely recommend this flavor to everyone who wants to get some freshness in the next smoking session.

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